Flexigraze CIC

Flexigraze Community Interest Company (CIC) is a non-profit making organisation which helps land managers to achieve specialist conservation grazing on agricultural land and conservation sites. We promote conservation grazing and local produce throughout the North East of England.

Conservation grazing is using grazing animals to manage grassland and heathland for the benefit of the wildlife that requires these types of habitat to survive.  More information on our grazing and how to make use of our grazing services can be found on the Grazing page.  We also have a facebook page with up to date news and activities.

Sheep by the old aqueduct
Sheep grazing at Whittle Dene Aqueduct

As part of our work we have a flock of sheep, mainly hill breeds or specialist rare breeds. Most of our sheep are bought locally and help us undertake conservation grazing for about 18 months.  We then sell lamb (mature lamb) as half lamb that can be purchased from Flexigraze, the income from which helps us maintain the work that we do.  Further information on purchasing lamb can be found on the Lamb for Sale page.

We also use cattle, ponies and even goats to provide a mix of grazing options for land managers.  We can tailor grazing solutions on a site by site basis and undertake this work for a variety of clients from wildlife charities to local authorities to private companies.

Flexigraze CIC is registered as a company.  Company registration number: 07604197

Highland cow at Hauxley Nature Reserve