Felt decoration kits on sale

We now have our new Christmas decoration felting kits on sale at Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre alongside other Flexigraze products (and some nice local woodturning products). We should have some of the new yarn there soon too.20171122_154847.jpg


Passed the Test

Our recently arrived Flexigraze cattle had to go through their TB testing this week.  Despite the fact thet they have come from a TB free area it was a bit of an anxious time.  They had the first part of it on Monday and were assessed on Thursday to ensure that there was no reaction.  Fortunately all has gone well and they were all clear.  They can now carry on with their work in grazing for us around Druridge Bay.in-pen-sml


Autumn Migration 2015 style

Several times a year we have to move the livestock around on the grazings to take account of the changing seasons. In times past they would have walked but now with the roads dominated by cars they get to travel in style. The pictures demonstrate why they have to be moved over the winter……….and in the case of 2012 sometimes the summer as well!


Inconvenient Ponies

Why is it that if ponies, sheep or cattle are going to escape they have to do it on a Friday afternoon (or over the weekend)?  So it was today that we learnt that the ponies were ‘in a hide’ at Druridge Pools.  It was quickly ascertained that while not actually in a hide they were close by and not in the field where they were supposed to be.  They must have crossed the broken fence to get away but they seemed very reluctant to do so in the opposite direction.  Eventually they were persuaded but the fence still needed an emergency repair – not a very neat and tidy job but functional.  Hopefully they will stay where they are supposed to be until the next inconvenient time to get out!

Emergency Friday fence repairs

Summer Pastures

Belted Galloways enjoying the summer sun
Ponies on the move at East Chevington
Shetland sheep newly arrived on their late summer grazings at Fontburn
Billie and Lime Juice, 2 Exmoor ponies also summering at Fontburn.
Soay sheep at Linton they have done an excellent job of removing the ragwort and have now started removing the flower buds from the creeping thistles.

Sheep get starring role

The Community Foundation’s LEAF fund promotional video features Flexigraze as one of its supported projects.  The video features some of our sheep, volunteers, Stephen and Jess.  The LEAF fund was a great help to us when we were starting up and the fund has helped a variety of other very worthy environmental projects over the years.



Lamb for sale

The last day for receiving lamb orders for delivery for the winter season will be Friday 21st November. We can still take orders after this date for delivery in the spring, usually early April.