Wool for Sale

Twine and yarn back from the mill

Our new (2017) wool skeins are now available from Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre (where you can also see some of our sheep!).  We have grey Hebridean/Shetland mix or brown Manx Loaghtan available in apx 100g skeins.

Our skeins are also available fron Fine Fettle Fibres in Felton, Northumberland.  Our Manx Loaghtan skeins and Hebridean/Shetland skeins are both available.

Carded but unspun wool is also available, we have Shetland (whiteish), Hebridean (black) and Manx (brown).  Please contact us by our Contact Us page for more details.

We still have some of our 2016 batch of wool on sale from Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s website Wool for Sale and also at the Trust’s Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre.

The garden twine is from our Swaledale sheep and is a coarse wool which could be used for a range of crafting products as well as a natural, degradable, garden twine.

Our wool is carded and spun by Halifax Spining Mill in Yorkshire.

The spinning machine at Halifax spinning Mill in operation