Felt decoration kits on sale

We now have our new Christmas decoration felting kits on sale at Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre alongside other Flexigraze products (and some nice local woodturning products). We should have some of the new yarn there soon too.20171122_154847.jpg


Swaledales at Hauxley

Swaledale sheep at hauxley
Swaledale sheep at Hauxley

Our sheep flock is a relatively diverse mix of breeds.  We have some rare breeds doing our grazing for us including Hebridean and Shetland.  However we also use some more run-of-the-mill varieties such as Swaledale.  These hill sheep are hardy if a little less specialised than some of the rarer types.  We tend to purchase the smaller and less valuable whether (castrated males) from some of our local hill farms and then utilise these on our grazing schemes and, ultimately, in our box sales of shearling mutton.

Some of our Swaledale flock can currently be seen grazing at Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley Nature Reserve.


New Wool

manx loughtan woolOur latest batch of wool has just arrived and we will be getting it ready for sale soon.  This year we have skeins of brown Manx loaghtan and a flecked grey which is the result of mixing white Shetland and black Hebridean.  We also have carded wool from all three for use in felting or hand spinning.  There’s a little bit of work to get it ready for sale but hopefully it will be available very soon.


Some of the cattle are now happily grazing away at a new overwintering wader site near Cambois. They will soon be joined by a few more to get the grassland in good condition for the returning birds next autumn.

On the moove

After being spooked by poachers the cattle have been gathered up and returned to their correct paddocks.

They have been temporarily grazing a paddock which we wouldn’t normally graze. Apologies to those who regularly use the paths through that part of the reserve for the disruption.

Passed the Test

Our recently arrived Flexigraze cattle had to go through their TB testing this week.  Despite the fact thet they have come from a TB free area it was a bit of an anxious time.  They had the first part of it on Monday and were assessed on Thursday to ensure that there was no reaction.  Fortunately all has gone well and they were all clear.  They can now carry on with their work in grazing for us around Druridge Bay.in-pen-sml


All together again!

When being moved, by the volunteers at Hauxley, to a new paddock earlier in the week the Manx Loaghtans (the brown sheep) got all the way to the gate and then decided they preferred where they had been and ran all the way back their old field!!! This afternoon after a little persuasion from Jess, the collie, they were reunited with the rest of the flock again.