Racing for a snack

A Bakethin sheep has a quick snack
A Bakethin sheep has a quick snack

The sheep are back in the Capon Field at Bakethin Reservoir, this is a mixture of Hebridean, Manx and Shetland, which should be well suited to the less than lush pasture. They are visible (or are at times visible) from the Lakeside Way – the path around the lake.  Checking of them is made much easier by the fact that they will come when called if there is a tasty snack available for them, just enough to make them come to the call and not enough to stop them eating what they are here to eat.  Sure enough they came racing down the field the other day to enjoy their reward!  All were present and correct.

Racing for food
Racing for food


One thought on “Racing for a snack

  1. They are almost always present, but not correct! Clashing of horns is a familiar sight (and sound) as they try and get at the ‘snack’ first.

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