Happy Hebrideans at Hauxley

Hebrideans at Hauxley enjoying some winter sun
Hebrideans at Hauxley enjoying some winter sun

Our Hebrideans have been grazing a small meadow area at Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley Nature reserve.  This is a very floristically diverse patch of grassland which has begun to start to lose its richness over recent years so hopefully the introduction of grazing should help improve this area for the future.  The sheep have further grazing jobs to do on site over the months to come but the more tricky areas will have to wait until the New Year.  This was also an opportunity to look at this area and the results of the grazing as an example of what could be repeated for Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Magnificent Meadows project.  In this project the grazing would be on even rougher ground but the ease at which these sheep can be herded might make some very difficult sites possible.

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