Some of the cattle are now happily grazing away at a new overwintering wader site near Cambois. They will soon be joined by a few more to get the grassland in good condition for the returning birds next autumn.

On the moove

After being spooked by poachers the cattle have been gathered up and returned to their correct paddocks.

They have been temporarily grazing a paddock which we wouldn’t normally graze. Apologies to those who regularly use the paths through that part of the reserve for the disruption.

All together again!

When being moved, by the volunteers at Hauxley, to a new paddock earlier in the week the Manx Loaghtans (the brown sheep) got all the way to the gate and then decided they preferred where they had been and ran all the way back their old field!!! This afternoon after a little persuasion from Jess, the collie, they were reunited with the rest of the flock again.

On the move

Some of our Highland cattle on the move to a new field. to get there they had to walk 3/4 mile across 3 hay fields and down a track.Once on the move they strolled along happily but did enjoy stopping for a munch on the patches of red clover growing on the way. Thanks to John and Rebecca for their help.

Autumn Migration 2015 style

Several times a year we have to move the livestock around on the grazings to take account of the changing seasons. In times past they would have walked but now with the roads dominated by cars they get to travel in style. The pictures demonstrate why they have to be moved over the winter……….and in the case of 2012 sometimes the summer as well!