Summer Pastures

Belted Galloways enjoying the summer sun
Ponies on the move at East Chevington
Shetland sheep newly arrived on their late summer grazings at Fontburn
Billie and Lime Juice, 2 Exmoor ponies also summering at Fontburn.
Soay sheep at Linton they have done an excellent job of removing the ragwort and have now started removing the flower buds from the creeping thistles.

Lamb for sale

The last day for receiving lamb orders for delivery for the winter season will be Friday 21st November. We can still take orders after this date for delivery in the spring, usually early April.

Soays on the move

With autumn well and truly here it’s time for the Soays to move from their summer home at Powhill back to their winter grazing site on the Northumberland coast.

Some gentle coaxing with a bucket of feed (thanks for your help Anne) and Jess creeping up behind them meant they were persuaded to behave relatively well this year! It’s always a relief to get them loaded as they have a mind of their own and can be quite a handful on occasion.

The only downside being I had forgotten my camera and had to make do with my old phone! Shame really as it was a beautiful morning with the fog lifting.


Shearing is Over

A big thank you to all those who came along and helped with the shearing this year. Here are a few photos from a ‘shearer’s eye’ view of work in progress.

Photo-0023 Photo-0024 Photo-0025All the sheep are now nice and cool in the warm weather and I can work on standing up straight again!!