Chevington Sheep

We have quite a few sheep on the fields around East Chevington nature reserve at the moment. These fine horned Soays are in with a few Swaledales in the field near the turning circle. In one of the small fields between the Cycle track and the northern lake is a mix of colours of Shetland sheep.

The weather may be a bit mixed at the moment but these hardy animals are unperturbed by such things. The ponies with the Shetlands are equally capable of dealing with weather conditions without additional food.

Identifying our animals

Ponies and their new sign at East Chevington
Hebrideans at Hauxley

We are in the middle of a small project to install small signs on sites that we graze to help visitors identify the grazing animals.  The project was funded by the Postcode Local Fund of the People’s Postcode Lottery and involves simple and discrete signage to be put up and changed as necessary.  We have breed notices for many of the animals we graze and we can put these in the frame as they are moved around.  We also have general information posters for when the field is ungrazed or where none of our posters are applicable.

In the last few days signs have gone up at Hauxley, where we have Hebridean Sheep grazing, and also up on some of the fields at East Chevington.  In one of these it was a choice of posters as there are Shetland sheep, an Exmoor pony and two Highland ponies.  The Exmoor poster seemed a little confusing with the mix of ponies so the Shetland sheep poster was the one that was eventually installed.